First Post: 10 Facts About Me

Hey Guys! Welcome to my blog! Since this is my first blog post, I’ve decided to do a post on some facts about me! 

1)My name is Janelle Emokpae

         I think the first thing you need to know about me is my name so I don’t keep you wondering, even though it’s basically my blog’s name. It is pronounced juh-nell e-mo-pie (apparently the k in my last name is silent! Pretty weird I know)

  2) I’m 13 years old

         I am 13 years old. You may think this is a little young to start a blog but I believe that you can do anything at any age (if it’s legal aha). It’s also nice to get a head start on this blogging thing.

3) I was born on Halloween

Me posing for a picture on Halloween

      I’m a Halloween baby born on the year of ‘05. I know very spooooky. But trust me, I’m not spooky at all in real life. I hope.

4) I live in Massachusetts

        I’m a New Englander which means where I live, the weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for a variety of outfit posts on my fashion and style blog.

5) A book that I made in the First Grade was featured in the biggest public library in Boston

Me and My amazing drawing skills

     The book was called “How To Read” so I could imagine that it wasn’t a big hit since people who needed to learn how to read couldn’t read the book. We had a releasing ceremony at the central library in Copley Square, Boston, but I’m not sure if it’s still there. It was a memory well lived :’)

6) I have a dog named Stella

      She is a 1-year-old not-so-golden Goldendoodle. She can be a pain at times but we still love her

7) I have two siblings

        I have an older brother named Joshua and an older sister named Roxanne. My brother Joshua and I are students at Boston Latin School. My sister Roxanne is a fourth grade teacher. They are pretty nice I guess.

8) French is one of the classes I take in school

    Oui Oui I do take french. This will be my first year taking it, so if you try to speak french to me, don’t expect me to speak back

9) I’m in my school’s 8th grade Band and Step Squad

      That’s right. If I have my flute with me, I’ll definitely play you a song, but if not, I’ll totally do a few step routines to show off my skills

10) I love writing!

      Of course I love to write! If I didn’t, why would I be making this blog? This blog is a great outlet to push out my pent up writing ideas out of my brain and onto a page. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

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