What I wore to week 1 of my Summer Music Program

Hello Everyone! This summer, I attended a 2 week long summer music program at my school where I got the opportunity to play music along with other kids around my grade level. These are some of the outfits a wore for my first week!

Look #1

The first outfit I’ll be showing is shown to the right (or above depending on which device you are on). I wore a colorful button up sleeveless shirt from H&M and some lightish colored jeans from Indigo Rein.  I picked these both up from my favorite place to shop, Marshall’s! I wore magenta colored Nike sneakers and I wore my hair in two Afro puffs, my favorite type of style. Here are some more pictures: 

Me trying to fly

Look #2


Here’s my second outfit! I wore a colorful chevron sleeveless shirt from Faded Glory. I wore a classic cropped navy blue skinny jeans and a very light shade of pink sneakers from Guess. For my hair, I wore a not-so-slick slick low bun. Here are some more pictures:

Look #3

My third outfit! On the day I wore this outfit, it was a little bit chilly, so I decided to wear a lavender thin sweater with light washed jeans. I also wore my magenta Nike sneakers. The sweater is from Pink Rose Vintage and the jeans are YMI mid-rise jeans. Here are some more pictures:

Flying Again

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