What will this blog be about?

Hi everyone. Since I’m in the early stages of being a blogger, I’ve decided to tell you what this blog will actually be about and why you should stick around!

This blog will have two main categories; Fashion and Style, and Lifestyle. These posts will give you teen fashion inspiration and styling tips, and a look on how I live my life as a teen blogger. By reading my blog posts you will not only be supporting yourself by getting new information, you will also be supporting a small blogger who aspires to be successful (aka, me!!). 

Be expected to see lively posts from moi featuring colorful pictures that were highly thought through and specifically picked for the highest quality I can provide. I will be posting on the second and fourth weeks of the month on Sundays. Be on the lookout for those posts!

I am looking to achieve not only success in the blogging world, but also a community in which we can all help each other out with our fashion or lifestyle related problems.

Please comment down below for blogging ideas and tips! I would really appreciate connecting with you guys and learning my audience! Be sure to subscribe and follow me on social media @heyjnelle! I post two times a week so make sure to come back and check on what’s new!

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