Five Goals For the New School Year

As summer comes to a close, most kids like me start thinking about the future and what they want their school year to be like. This year comes with many hopes and dreams from me, but here are my top 5:

1) Be More Confident

  This year, I hope to be more confident. Every year I go in with this “new year new me” mentality that I don’t end up taking seriously. Every year I say to myself, “Janelle; this is a new school year! You’ve had over 2 months to think over your life.” And then I walk into school, sit in my seat, and when the teacher tells us to talk among ourselves and get to know each other, I keep to myself and twiddle my fingers in hopes that a person sees me and decides to start a conversation. But this year, I hope to spring out of my comfort zone and try talking to people first instead of waiting for them to talk to me. Try doing the same! Be more confident and talk to people more.

2) Make more friends

  Another thing I hope for this year is more friends. Even if people say that you “already know enough people”, get to know more! But be sure not to look for friends and let them “flow” to you. Even if you end up making lots of new friends, be sure to keep a tight circle of good friends that you know will always be there for you. Make new friends, rekindle old friendships, and stay friends with the ones you already have. Unless they’re toxic. If so you’ve just gotta take out your nice pair of scissors and snip snip*.

3) Set a Schedule for Yourself and Get Good Grades

The next goal is to get good grades. Especially the fact that I’m doing this new blog, I’m gonna need all the motivation I can get. If you are in extracurricular activities or planning to do some like me, be sure to schedule your time to make sure you get to study and do homework. Always try to keep track of your time and don’t procrastinate too much.

4) Try and Stay Drama Free

My next goal is to stay drama free. I’m not much of a drama person, but sometimes people like to start fights with me. I’ve learned to just ignore them and go on with my life. Although drama can sometimes be fun to talk about, it’s best not to be apart of it. Try to be friendly with everyone and always be nice to people. But not too nice or they will stomp all over you.

5) Care About Your Appearance

My last goal that doesn’t really apply to school is, having a good sense of style! Other than your amazing personality, there are many other ways to express yourself. Clothing is one of the great ways to do that! Dress how YOU want to dress. Boston Latin School is the first school I’ve been to where there is no required uniform, and last year, I didn’t take advantage of that. I’m not saying to pop into school wearing a new fancy outfit everyday, but just don’t wear an over sized hoodie, jeans, and the same pair of sneakers everyday like I did last year, unless that is how you want to express yourself. I’m hoping that this year, I’ll kick my fashion sense up a notch. 

Let’s all pray for each other and hope at least half of these hopes and goals come true. Thank you so much for coming on my blog and reading this post!  Be sure to subscribe for updates on when I post and follow me on social media @heyjnelle! I post once a week so make sure to stay tuned for the next post! Leave blog post suggestions down below and tell me what you thought about this one! I love interacting with you guys!

*snip snip- aka, cut them off aka stop being friends with them

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