Transforming Thrift Clothes

I absolutely love shopping at the thrift store. I love the feeling of stepping out with a bunch of clothes for an reasonable price! For this month’s fashion post, I thought it would be fun to try to rework some of the things I found. I picked up a couple of items, and tried my best to make them look better. Here are my top 3 transformations!

#1 Cropping

While I was looking through the men’s section at my local thrift store, I stumbled upon this shirt. It wasn’t very cute or nice at first glance, but I really liked the graphic at the front. It said “Wicked Smaaht” (wicked smart written in a Bostonian accent) with the words placed in the Harvard logo which I thought was kinda funny. So I took it home, got out my pair of scissors and cut off the bottom half, making a super cute crop top that I’ll definitely wear this summer.

#2 Bedazzling

I loved this thrift transformation because it was so easy to do! I was in the men’s section again and I saw these pants that were really baggy, which I loved. I really liked how the length of the pants were perfect, something that is really rare to find for me because I have fairly long legs. I went to Micheal’s (my local crafts store) and picked up elastic bands, safety pins, a hot glue gun, and some jewels. I took in the waist by cutting holes in the waistband and pushing the elastic band through. I temporarily secured it by using the safety pins. To add a little spice, I bedazzled the front pockets with the hot glue gun. Adding those details to these pants really made the pants look better. I loved how these pants turned out and I’m really happy to have a nice pair of baggy jeans! (Find more pics of this outfit on my Instagram, @heyjnelle !)

#3 Turning Pants into a Skirt

This was one of my favorite and most complicated thrift transformations. The funny thing is that these weren’t even meant to be turned into a skirt. At first, I thought these pants would turn into a great pair of shorts, but after cutting them, it didn’t feel right to me (aka I cut them too short aha…). I didn’t want to just throw out the shorts and waste my money, so I thought of other ways to make it better. That’s when I came up with the idea to cut the middle and turn it into a beautiful skirt. I used liquid stitch to temporarily hold the skirt together until I get to sew it. I can’t wait to wear this outfit in the fall when it gets a little bit cooler!

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