Summer Skate Series: Volume 2

Learning How to Ride My Skateboard

When I first stepped on the board, I thought I would be one of those people who could kick flip immediately and play it off like I was born to skate. Oh I was soooo wrong. I could barley even get my back foot off the board to push. When I came to the realization that I wouldn’t be one of those people who could kick flip in their first week, I can admit I became a little lazy. I went from skating everyday to skating once a week. My brand new skateboard was probably crying in my basement because I never put her to good use. I went back to my old ways of sleeping and staying on my phone.

A few days passed and people started to ask about updates on how I was doing. I would usually reply with “I’m doing great! I’ve been practicing a lot and getting better everyday!” I was not only lying to them, but myself. I got up from my bed, went to my basement, picked up my board, and started practicing for the first time in what felt like months. I first started to get familiar with just cruising and picking up my board the cool way 😎

I learned some really easy “tricks” like a bunny hop while the board was moving, throwing down the board, and tic tacs. I also learned that thing that a lot of new skaters do when they flip the board upside down and flip it back up with their feet and land on the board. I don’t know what it’s called so let’s just go with….upside down…..jump….flip….yeah. Upside down jump flip!!! That name makes it sound wayyyyy more complicated than it actually is but let’s just give a round of applause to me for learning the UPSIDE DOWN JUMP FLIP!! WOOP WOOOP!!

Stay tuned for my next skate post on the most terrifying skateboarding trick known to man, The Ollie. I can tell you from now that the next post is going to be verrrryyy interesting. I’m just going to say a little prayer from now to future Janelle and hope she survives.

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