Outfits to Stay Comfy and Cute This School Year

Ah, September. A time for cool breeze, hoodies, but most importantly, the start of a new school year. Due to the Coronavirus in the United States, students like me won’t be able to experience the usual joy of preparing to go back to school. New supplies and a new sleep schedule is nice and all, but my favorite thing about going back to school is getting new clothes! I mostly bought new shirts and sweaters since my zoom classes won’t be seeing the bottom half of my body, but for the sake of this blog post, I will be showing full outfits. Here are three must have outfits to stay comfy and cute this school year.

Outfit #1

Here is a classic sweater with jeans pairing that can be pulled off by anyone! This cream sweater from the Jessica Simpson brand looks so cute with these dark washed ripped jeans from Old Navy. I wrapped it up by adding a black belt and Adidas Superstars that can seriously go with anything. This is great for someone who wants to quickly put together an outfit and be comfortable at school while still looking really nice.

Outfit #2

This outfit is my favorite! I love how the blue Champion crew neck and the light washed denim skirt from H&M go so well together. To avoid messing with the color scheme, I added a clear belt from Amazon. I also paired this outfit with some Adidas Superstars to keep up with the light colored look. Check out my Instagram (@heyjnelle) for more pictures of this outfit!

Outfit #3

This outfit would be great to wear if you had a gym class! It’s great for athletic activities, but could also be worn on any other day! I paired this Ivy Park tee with the black Wilson shorts and added a gold chain from Urban Outfitters to give it a “street wear” type look. My shoes are Converse Platforms which isn’t ideal for a gym class, but they could easily be replaced with regular converses or another type of black and white sneakers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I hope you liked these outfits as much as I do! Be sure to subscribe for updates on when I post and follow me on social media @heyjnelle . I’ll be posting on my lifestyle and fashion blog twice a month so be sure to be on the lookout for more posts. Leave blog post suggestions down below and tell me what you thought about this one! I love interacting with you guys!

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